Quality Policy:

CIHSR is committed to provide quality health care to our patients, through an effective quality management system with the highest possible levels of skill, professionalism, ethical practice, treatment at affordable costs and continuous quality improvement.

Quality Objectives:

  • • To practice patient centric approach and remain sensitive to the need of our patients.
  • • To monitor, measure, assess and improve our performance to achieve service excellence and patient satisfaction.
  • • To develop health professionals who can deliver quality health care.
  • • To identify and develop systems that promote safety and encourage a reduction in medical errors.
  • • To ensure that the quality of care and service delivered by the institution meets NABH standards.
  • • To ensure safety of patients, staff, students and other service providers.
  • • To empower and involve all employees in continuous quality improvement through regular┬átraining as per the institution policies and quality standards, processes and ensure commitment to implement the same.