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Paediatric Surgery

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  1. 03862-242555
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Children are not miniature adults. Their physiology, anatomy, their reactions to stress and recovery are all different. Hence the need for a separate specialty to cater to the surgical needs of children.
The age of patients treated in Paediatric surgery ranges from new born babies to older children up to fifteen years. It involves a team work which includes the Paediatric surgeon, nurses trained in the specialty, anesthesiologist, intensivist, psychologist etc.
The spectrum of conditions treated includes correction of congenital anomalies in new born babies and older children, abdominal and chest conditions, urological problems, burns, removal of foreign bodies in the airway and esophagus, treatment of tumors etc.


  • Neonatal (New born) surgery
  • Paediatric Urological Procedure
  • Paediatric gastrointestinal conditions
  • Paediatric burns
  • Foreign bodies of trachea and esophagus.
  • Paediatric solid tumors surgery and chemotherapy
  • General Paediatric surgical conditions
Special Services

There are not many other places in Nagaland where facilities exist for treatment of neonatal surgical problems. With a backup of an operation theatre, anesthesia and intensive care facilities CIHSR is probably unique in this. There are no other centres having Paediatric cystoscopy, bronchoscope, oesophagoscope and Also giving chemotherapy for tumors.

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