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Palliative Care

Contact Phone:

  1. 03862-242555
General OPD Timing:

Home Based Palliative Care:


Palliative care is an approach to improve the quality of life of patients and families facing problems associated with life threatening illness. Prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and problems drastically improves the quality of life(physical, psychosocial and spiritual) for these patients. Palliative care is synonymous with hospice care or terminal care but it starts right from the diagnosis of chronic life threatening illnesses. It is actively involved in the management of pain and other distressing symptoms for patients with threatening illness like cancer, chronic kidney disease, heart failures, stroke, elderly patients with dementia etc.
The Palliative care team works together with the patient and primary care giver to improve quality of patients life, rehabilitation and activities of daily living.. The team strives to provide care for a dying man, the same way one would care for a newborn baby.
This department is unique to CIHSR as it is the first department in Nagaland to provide palliative care to terminally ill patients


  • Palliative Care counseling.
  • Breaking bad news.
  • Pain management.
  • End of life care.
  • Home palliative care.
  • Hospital palliative care.
  • Spiritual counseling.
  • Minor procedure at home.
  • Health Education.
  • Caregiver Education & supports.

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