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Contact Phone:

  1. 03862-242555
General OPD Timing:

Well Baby Clinic

Emergency services


The Department of Paediatrics in CIHSR is currently managed by a team consisting of qualified Paediatric Consultants (MD Paediatrics), supported by a team of well trained Nurses (M Sc Paediatric Nurses and Nurses trained in Neonatal Care). The team is committed to providing the best possible care to both Paediatric patients and sick newborns. The department takes care of all sick newborns and children below the age of 14 years.
This unit maintains a high level of infection control with an average of 0 – 2 cases of documented Hospital Acquired Infection per year in the ICU.
The services are provided at affordable rates so that the poor and the marginalized can utilize the facilities, and concession rates are charged to those who cannot afford it.


  • Out Patient Department (OPD) service
  • Inpatient (IP) service
  • Emergency service – One consultant is always available on call-duty for 24 hours daily. Consultant is also available to attend calls for LSCS or any difficult deliveries that require special attention
    • The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is equipped to take care of sick children (Paediatric ICU –PICU) and newborns (Neonatal ICU –NICU) including ventilator care, Bubble CPAP, care of babies with extremely low birth weight, phototherapy and routine care of preterm babies.
    • NICU; Level 3 Neonatal ICU service is provided in our institution.
    • Care of Post-operative babies for all newborns who undergo any major surgeries.
    • The team includes doctors and nurses who have undergone special training for care of babies in NICU.
Special services

  • Well Baby Clinics (WBC)/Immunization Clinic:
    • All patients coming to the Well Baby Clinic are examined by doctors in the OPD before receiving Vaccines.
    • All vaccines are provided as per the latest IAP (Indian Academy of Paediatrics) schedule, which is updated every year.
  • Developmental Paediatrics:

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