CIHSR is the culmination of a possible solution for the great need of health in the region. It is a tripartite partnership of Christian Medical College Vellore, Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) and the State of Nagaland. The Chief Secretary of the state is the chairperson of the CIHSR society and the Executive Director of EHA is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Each of these three organizations comprise the Governing body which facilitates the establishment and growth of the institution that aims at creating a holistic health destination that in turn will take responsibility for reaching out to the furthest most parts of the region and impact health in Northeast India.
CMC Vellore contributes significantly by way of training opportunities, regular visits by consultants, information transfer and advice. EHA provides the sponsorship avenue for CIHSR staff and students to study at CMC Vellore and Ludhiana. Through its wide network of hospitals and friends, it plays a vital role in guiding and facilitating the institutionโ€™s growth.
The 130 acres land on which the institution stands is on a 30 years lease from the Government of Nagaland. It is situated about 6 kms on the outskirts of Dimapur in Nagaland.
In its 10 years of existence, we have established a high level secondary health center with a college of nursing, several paramedical courses, postgraduate DNB courses in Family Medicine, surgery and Medicine. We also run health-training courses for lay leaders, Health sector skill development and are a center for conducting distance education course for the M Med postgraduate course from the MGR Medical University.
We run a programme for helping Children with special needs with a developmental pediatrics unit and the precious gems school for special children.
We are in the process of developing a radiotherapy and Cancer care center facilitated by the Tata Trust.
We have signed an MOU with the DONER ministry to develop a regional institution for Allied health sciences and are in the process of setting up the infrastructure.
We continue to develop partnerships and network with likeminded organizations who are interested in the health of the region.
Eventually, we aspire to start a Medical college that will train and develop a large number of individuals who will take responsibility for the health of the region.