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The Cardiology Department is the latest addition to the super specialty services at CIHSR.

The Cardiac Care Unit with the Cath lab is equipped with advanced diagnostic and interventional machines that are not just the first in the state of Nagaland, but the unit is one of the best equipped in the region. The department aims to deliver optimal medical treatment and timely interventional services to the people of the state and beyond. It is actively pursuing ways of enhancing cardiac care delivery through training and capacity building.

Diagnostic services

  • Adult and pediatric echocardiography
  • Transesophageal echocardiography with 3D imaging
  • Treadmill cardiac stress testing
  • Holter monitoring

Training programs

  • Diploma in cardiac nursing

Routine Cath Lab Days

General OPD Timing:

Routine CATH lab days



Emergency Services

CathLab Services

New Cardiac Facility

The Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) has been activated for optimal management of acute coronary emergencies like heart attacks with all treatment options that are available in modern cardiac care.
It is attached to the CATH lab for timely coronary angioplasty and subsequent intensive monitoring and treatment for the best possible outcomes. Cardiac pacing and coronary re-vascularisation facilities are already within the ICCU facility. The staff in the facility is constantly updated to be at peak performance with specialized cardiac nursing training (Diploma Cardiac Nursing).


Cardio Procedures
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