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Community Health

Contact Phone:

  1. 03862-242555

Community Health is a department, which is unique to CIHSR and even Nagaland. While most other departments focus on the treatment of disease conditions, this department emphasis on health and staying healthy. Therefore all activities of the department revolve around the preventive and social well being ofnot just one patient but of the community as a whole.

The Community Health Department (CHD) works in partnership with the Government of Nagaland by strengthening the health services, building capacities of the staff and conducting primary health care programs in Dhansiripar block of Dimapur District in Nagaland.

The team of doctors and nurses including the government staff conducts Maternal and Child Health (MCH) clinics and Village Health and Nutrition Days (VHND) in the 7 Sub Centres, 1 Primary Health Centre, 1 Community Health Centre and all 23 villages of the block.

At the clinics, all antenatal mothers are examined and regularly administered iron folic acid, calcium gluconate tablets and tetanus injection as per schedule. Routine blood testing for hemoglobin, blood group, HIV status, Hepatitis B and C, urine for sugar, albumin and pregnancy tests are done. A line listing and record of all the antenatal mothers for monthly follow-ups and birth tracking including those at high risk are maintained. Children are also tracked after birth and immunized as per the government schedule. Health education is imparted on regular basis to patients.

The clinics are managed systematically by registering patients, taking body height and weight, Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) and blood pressure for adults. Medicines are dispensed from the government supplies, but these are supplemented and sold at subsidized rates by the CHD when stocks are deficient.

All other general patients are also examined and the appropriate treatment is given including for minor surgical procedures and dressing of wounds. The team also conducts home visits and refers patients requiring further investigations and treatment to tertiary health centres. Occasionally, critical patients when seen in the field are brought back by the team to the hospital for treatment. There are regular follow-ups of all patients.


Health days: In addition to the above, the CHD also organizes important events such as the World Health Day, World No Tobacco day, World Hepatitis Day and World Diabetes Day to advocate and raise health awareness among the general public.

Medical and relief camps have been held for communities affected by fire disasters in Dimapur city and also general medical camps were conducted for specific target communities or whole villages in partnership with different NGOs.

Training : As part of the capacity building program for the government staff and stakeholders, various trainings were conducted for the ANMs, ASHAs, Anganwadi Workers, Village Health Committees and Health Centre Committees in Dhansiripar block.

Community Development: With regard to community development initiatives, the department also formed 7 Self Help Groups (SHGs) among poor and disadvantaged women in Dhansiripar block and offered training on Group Management & Leadership Development, Book Keeping, Training on Agriculture and Entrepreneurship Development through Pig Farming.

Special Projects

Community based Research

The CHD has been involved in community based quality and quantitative research such as

  • Assessing the Training Needs of Government Doctors in Nagaland, Preliminary Survey of the Health Situation in Tuensang, Kiphere and Phek districts of Nagaland
  • Oral Cancer Screening project in Dimapur district.
  • Active Paragonomiasis in Medziphema block of Dimapur district.
  • Prevalence of Disability in Rural parts of Dimapur district.

The Vitamin Angels program was also introduced in Dhansiripar block 2016 where children from 1 year of age up to 5 years were administered Vitamin A and Albendazole tablets.

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