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Medical Physics and Radiation Safety

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Medical Physicists are Scientists in health care delivering specialized physics and technology services to Radiation Oncology, Neuro Surgery, Radiology, and diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Imaging specialties. International Labour Organisation has given a unique identity to the Medical Physicist profession considering their role in the practice of modern medicine. International Atomic Energy Agency has established standards and practices for this profession to ensure safe practices to the application radiation in medicine.
Medical Physics team at CIHSR catering to the scientific, technological and regulatory needs of the hospital by delivering expert medical physics services for radiation therapy and diagnostic radiology, radiation safety, radiation dosimetry, quality assurance, research, education, and training.
Medical Physicists are responsible for the design and safe administration of radiation treatments by ensuring the quality and accuracy of radiation therapy treatments as per national and international protocols. They design radiation therapy treatment plans (VMAT, IMRT, etc.), patient-specific quality assurance procedures and dosimetry for each patient as well as delivering consultations to radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, and other specialists to ensure safe and accurate radiation treatment and diagnosis.
Medical Physicists are responsible for the planning, configuration, technology evaluation and commissioning of new radiation equipment as well as leading the assessment and implementation of new technologies and protocols in healthcare.
Medical Physicists at our hospital are involved in delivering specilised services to radiation therapy, radiology imaging, surgery, ortho, and dental services. They also play an important role in the licensing and regulatory frame work of the hospital by ensuring safe practices of radiation in medicine as per the existing national and international guidelines. One of the Medical Physics specilist also serves as the Radiation Safety Officer of the hospital report to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Govt. of India.


  1. Medical Physics consultations and services
  2. Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
  3. Radiation Safety Services
  4. Acceptance Testing & Quality assurance
  5. Radiation Dosimetry
  6. Radiation Equipment Management
  7. Occupational Radiation Dose monitoring Services
  8. Safety and accuracy of radiation therapy treatments.
  9. Licensing  of Radiation Equipments and regulatory services.
  10. Calibration of Radiation installations and equipment.
  11. Education and Training
  12. Design and implementation of new protocols
  13. Research and developement
Special Services
  1. Patient-Specific quality assurance and dosimetry.
  2. Radiation Therapy  dose auditing  services.
  3. Planning and Commissioning of new Radiation installations.
  4. Health Technology Assessment.
  5. Radiation Equipment Planning and bunker design.
  6. Radiation Safety Assessment.
  7. Radiosurgery Consultations.

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