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Contact Phone:

  1. 03862-242555
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Department of Dietetics was set up in July 2015 with the aim to promote the nutritional status of an individual, provide knowledge on the importance of modifying one’s diet and provide assistance to tailor an individual’s diet as per his/her health status and lifestyle.
The department also aims at creating awareness about the importance of diet in the management of different diseases, its recovery period, and the importance of healthy eating practice.
At CIHSR, nutrition assistance and diet needs on medical and holistic health are provided to all age groups from all walks of life. Consultation includes assessment of patient’s body measurements, eating habits, and lifestyle. Further, the patients are educated about their current health status and provided with a nutrition plan and educational materials.


  • Out-patient consultation
  • In-patient consultation
  • Classes for nursing students at College of Nursing, CIHSR
  • Seminars
  • Internship
  • Diet related services to other organizations
Special Services

In February 2017, a special unit was inaugurated where special blends are prepared for patients who are on Nasogastric feeding (tube feeding). The ingredients used are combination of cereals and pulses which are processed at the unit and made ready to use. Currently, there are three types of blends produced and it is available at the hospital pharmacy.

  • Product 1 (high protein – high calorie)
  • Product 2 (for diabetic patients)
  • Product 3 (for renal patients)

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