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Information Technology (IT)

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The Medicine Department manages all kinds of medical problems in adult patients within Nagaland, and the neighboring states as well. The department provides comprehensive services through an efficient team of dedicated doctors and staff.


THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) department started at the inception of the hospital when the planning for all the equipment and technology started in 2006. The design and the technology used during the time were quite advanced to meet up with the vast diverse location of buildings which had to be interconnected within a single server. This was achieved via OFC cabling which extends to the residential area with redundancy. The design and the technology are credited to a team of smart mind- set people: Mr. Varadharajan, Mr. David Aiken from TEAR Hospital Australia & Mr Westley from Canada who volunteered to help build the IT infrastructure.

Mr. Rabenthung took over IT in 2010 and has been involved in upgrading the technology to keep up with the changing times, maintaining the central database to capture all the images and records of patients. The department focuses to archive, maintaining, and transforming the present traditional manual system to an automated and paperless system where at any instance patient records can be transmitted within a second to any referral location. The hospital is a connected member of the Pan India State of Art Network which connects all the top institutions and research centers across India with 1 GBPS Optic connectivity under the National Knowledge Network (NKN) since 2011.

The department takes care of the whole IT-related issue within the institution which includes repair & maintenance, server, IP PBX Systems, and CCTV. It provides connectivity to about 1000 users and 1500 nodes. It also maintains legit software and is a Microsoft compliance client.

Key People who volunteered to help build the IT infrastructure.


Staff in Charge

Rabenthung Ngullie
(Sr. IT Manager)

Purlemba Pongen
(Software Engineer)

(Asst. IT Engineer)

(IT Assitant)