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Human Resource

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The Human Resource Department (HRD) deals with all aspects of employer-employee relationship, and is about supporting and managing the organization’s people and associated processes. It is seen as a core business function essential to the organization’s effective operation.
Human Resource


The Human Resource Department (HRD) deals with all aspects of the employer-employee relationship and is about supporting and managing the organization’s people and associated processes. It is seen as a core business function essential to the organization’s effective operation. CIHSR endeavors to create a rewarding and friendly work atmosphere that supports the efforts of a diverse range of employees. 

CIHSR places utmost importance on the quality of service provided to patients and consequently expects all employees whether regular or term to meet up to the set standards of performance for different jobs. To this end, the 360-degree Performance Appraisal (software enabled), Goal Setting,  Performance Appraisal & Planning has been introduced. CIHSR acknowledges that its ongoing ability to offer quality healthcare and develop health professionals who can compassionately deliver quality healthcare depends on its ability to secure and foster talented staff with a wide range of values and personalities, irrespective of culture, class, religion, gender, or age. Guided by our Institutional values which say” Committed to having an inter-denominational character” CIHSR, recruits individuals from various backgrounds.



The Recruitment process is purely based on performance & total transparency is maintained. The recruitment process normally starts when applicants apply for a specific job either through the Vacancy section at their application/meet in person. Before an application is made for the job, one should have a look around our website/check the newspaper advertisements. This will enable them to learn about who we are, the services we provide, our motto, & our vision, Institutional values, our people, and who we want to join us.

What next? When candidates have sent in their applications, the selection panel will make their initial screening. The candidates who best match the criteria for the position will move on to the next step in the process – the interview. This in turn has various levels-Written test followed by a Practical test, Viva/Personal Interview & finally the Medical Fitness test. You will be contacted in person only if you are being considered for a position.

The HR representative will contact the selected candidates for an interview over the phone or in-person to decide if they match our requirements. The large number of applications we receive means not all candidates will be called for the Interview.

Additionally, with the aim of securing talented human resources crucial to growing its Hospital business, the Human Resource Department has ventured out in campus recruitment from Manipur & contacts made in Mizoram & Assam for qualified Nurses & Medical officers.

In our effort to help young school dropouts find jobs & equip them, several of these students are being selected & trained as Hospital Assistants in different departments within the Hospital. However, the selection & training process is very stringent & strictly regulated. This initiative has given interns the chance to see CIHSR’s commitment to social contribution in action, employment & new skill.

Induction & orientation process

You are joining a very skilled and dedicated workforce who works in a range of different settings and with different groups of people across the Institute. This is important to ensure all new staff imbibe the ethos and values of CIHSR and are also made aware of the general policies of the institute.

Before setting for work every new staff are given an intense 2 day induction training (including facility tour of the hospital) by the HRD staff. The HRD will also ensure meeting with the management for new staff. You will find details of an induction process that will be supplemented by your manager / supervisor.

After completion of the joining formalities the staff will be escorted to the respective department and introduced to the Supervisor, who in turn will introduce the staff to all the members of the department. Where the staff is required to interact with other departments, the supervisor will do the necessary introductions before the staff starts working in the department.

CIHSR also strives to earmark some budget amount towards employee training & development. This would include

  • In-house training / external training
  • Seminars/workshops/Conferences
  • Sponsored Higher Education.

CIHSR has been periodically sponsoring select staff for higher education through the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) for the purpose of adding specific skill competencies to the institute.