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Histopathology and Cytopathology

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Pathology deals with the study of diseases and diagnosis of diseases. Diagnosis of diseases particularly cancer requires multi-disciplinary approach. Having a reliable diagnostic team is essential in management and decision making of patients by providing reliable results.


Pathology is ever evolving and rapidly expanding and our aim is to be able to respond appropriately to the regional needs while being globally relevant by publication of papers, taking part in competency training and assessments, conducting scientific programmes, attending conferences and strengthening interdepartmental discussion of cases.


Reporting of samples are based on international guidelines such as The Bethesda system for Thyroid, Yokohama reporting system for breast, etc. Surgical pathology samples are reported with international updated reporting system such as The CAP Cancer Protocols. With the hospital participating in ICMR hospital based cancer registry, data on the cancer prevalence in this region are available in reliable sources.


For the purpose of quality, the department participates in regular Histopathology and cytopathology EQAS provided by RML Lucknow which is based on proficiency testing of virtual and physical slides for diagnostic evaluation. Tissue processing and staining of biopsy are also part of the EQAS programme which provides a good guide for assessing our quality besides the internal quality assessment.

The department participates in IHC EQAS on breast hormonal and oncogene panel (ER, PR and Her2Neu) and myoepithelial cell panel (P63 and calponin) with NCG EQAS from Tata Mumbai. Which is essential as decision on therapy are based on hormonal and oncogene results. IHC EQAS on breast hormonal status, oncogene status and Ki 67 index is also done with RML Lucknow.

Scope of services

  • LBC Surepath PAP cervical cytology
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology
  • Malignant fluid cytology
  • Cell block
  • Bone marrow aspiration cytology
  • Bone marrow biopsy with Reticulin
  • Automated tissue processing
  • Biopsy and surgical pathology reporting
  • Immunohistochemistry with multiple panels
    • Breast ER/PR/Her2neu/Ki67 panel
    • Soft tissue sarcoma panel
    • MMR protein panel for colorectal and endometrial cancer
    • P16 IHC for HPV dependent squamous cell carcinoma
    • Lymphoma panel
    • Round cell tumour panel
    • Carcinoma of unknown primary panel
    • Melanoma, germ cell tumor, lung carcinoma and prostate markers.

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