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Civil Engineering and Maintenance

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The Medicine Department manages all kinds of medical problems in adult patients within Nagaland, and the neighboring states as well. The department provides comprehensive services through an efficient team of dedicated doctors and staff.

Civil & Maitenance


Civil Engineering and Maintenance Department has the following two components –

  1. Civil Engineering: While major civil works are taken up under Projects, other constructions major or minor done by the Institute are managed by this department along with all the repairs and renovations.
  2. Maintenance: The department sees to it that the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and the Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) are kept in good functioning condition around the clock.
    • WTP- This consists of pumping water from the 3 deep tube wells currently in use, subjecting the water to both physical and chemical treatment. Water is then stored in the 2.5 lakh liters overhead tank by pumping it up for distribution to the nuke and corners of the Campus. Pumping goes on from morning till noon every day as the Institute’s daily requirement of water is 3 lakh liters. Maintenance is required from the underground wells, the Sedimentation tanks, the pumping stations, and the myriads of plumbing fixtures.
    • STP: This consists of the whole Sewage system from every toilet and bathrooms in the Campus, the sewage drains, the pump tank, the aeriation and sedimentation tanks etc. The whole treatment ensures compliance to the standard of the Nagaland Pollution Board that the affluent is fit to be discharged into the environment.

Highly experienced Mr. Nishi Roy leads a team of 4 to 5 very reliable artisans in the Department.

Two Components of the Department

Staff in Charge

Mr. Nishi Kanto Roy