What are the timings and departments  for the teleconsultation service?

  • Medicine: 3 pm-4pm
  • Cardiology: 3 pm-4 pm
  • ENT: 10 am-11 am
  • Surgery: 11 am-12 noon
  • Orthopedics 10 am-11 am
  • Pediatrics: 2 pm-3 pm
  • Developmental Pediatrics: 2 pm – 3pm
  • OBG: 9 am-10 am
  • Dermatology: 12 noon-1 pm
  • Cinical Psychologist: 9 am-10 am
  • Radiation and Oncology: 11 am-12am

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Patients are not allowed audio or video call to the mobile number used by the hospital for providing teleconsultation.
  2. Reasonable efforts have been made to eliminate any confidentiality risk associated with the teleconsultation.
  3. All documented teleconsultation information will be archived for a period of 1 year for reference after which the information will not be eligible for any claims whatsoever.
  4. ;The Patient or the relatives shall be liable to legal actions under the IT Act if found recording and circulating the teleconsultation session in public domain.
  5. In the event of misconduct by the patient during the teleconsultation session, the consulting doctor has the right to discontinue the session immediately.
  6. Online payment made for the teleconsultation shall be refunded only if the hospital is not able to provide the service. Any lapse from the patient’s side shall not be eligible for refund.
  7. Incase the mobile number provided by the patient during payment is unavailable for teleconsultation on the appointed day, the hospital will try to reconnect on the next working day. If still unavailable, then the appointment will be considered as availed with no refund.
  8. Emergency medical cases will not be provided through teleconsultation.
  9. We will not be held responsible for any discrepancy in lab reports done outside CIHSR
  10. Patient is requested to send a response to the treatment within three days after the teleconsultation.
  11. Patient can avail only the assigned doctors for tele consultation.
  12. In case investigations are advised and the patient need to be reviewed again, patient need not pay for the same.

Online Appointment

Which consultants are available for teleconsultation?



  • Dr Leishiwon Kumrah
  • Dr Sentila Panger


Obstetrics and Gynaecology


  • Dr Rebeki Lalnunpuii
  • Dr. Bendangtoshi Jamir
  • Dr Kanili



  • Dr Megongusie Meru
  • Dr Kununggoyi Domeh
  • Dr. Imnanaro Difusa
  • Dr. Nokchur Imchen



  • Dr. Avitso Liegise




  • Dr Clement Momin.
  • Dr. Lalyang




  • Dr Temsula Alinger
  • Dr Moameren
  • Dr. Temsutoshi




  • Dr Sulanthung Kikon
  • Dr Tenukala Aier
  • Dr Wonashi Tsanglao




  • Dr Keith kalyan Ingty
  • Dr Puloto
  • Dr Nungdilong


Developmental Paediatrics


  • Dr Y Simson
  • Ms Orentsani


  • Ms Imlibenla

Radiation Oncology

  • Dr Shirley T Leivon
  • Dr Khrutsozo Kikhi

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Contact Phone:
  • Between 9 AM to 4 PM – 8974036093 and 7085040957
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