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Health Plan Rates
ExecutiveRs.7000 /-
Add-On Packages
Cardiac packageDiabetic package
Rs.4500 /-Rs.2000 /-

If you have any queries we will be very happy to clear them for you. Call us at the given number.

Master Health Check-Up (MHC) Services

CIHSR offers you a one-stop health-check program that is quick yet comprehensive involving investigations and short interviews by trained health professionals and specialists in various fields of medicine to bring you up to date with your health.


  • To diagnose diseases at an early stage so that necessary life-style measures can be advised without having to resort to use of medications that may have to be continued life-long once metabolic diseases get a firm hold.
  • For those who already have health problems, it is our aim to help you keep a regular routine check on your condition and make necessary adjustments to your routine medications if necessary
  • To give you up to date information relating to various disease conditions in the form of videos and live demonstration exercises so that you get a good understanding of your condition and how best to deal with it


The whole process has been designed in such a way that all necessary evaluation exercises can be done in a single day with some stops in between each station where you will be served well and waiting is kept to a minimum. It is our utmost desire to help you take care of yourself and not neglect your health in the midst of a busy professional life.


  1. Please register with the OPD Assistant at the “Priority counter” and they will note down your contact details.
  2. On the day of the appointment, kindly report to the OPD manager’s office at 8 AM.
  3. Our OPD manager will guide you through a series of tests.
  4. Breakfast will be provided to you immediately after the fasting blood tests.
  5. The entire process will take about 4-6 hours therefore please plan your day accordingly.
  6. All tests and preliminary doctors’ consultations will be conducted on the first day.
  7. Additional investigations and consultations may be required if the health screen results in detection /discovery of an unforeseen abnormality (these will be charged as extra).
  8. On completion, a comprehensive summary will be given to you of relevant diagnosis, recommendations, referrals…etc.
  10. MHC will be done on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  1. Let us know in advance if you have Diabetes or hypertension (high BP)
  2. Please carry your current prescription/ medications with you if you are taking any.
  3. If you are on regular medications please take them as prescribed by your doctor on the day of check up
  4. A short-term change in medication may be warranted before the treadmill test. Drugs like Beta Blockers (Atenolol, Carvedilol, etc.) need to be stopped two days prior to the test.

  1. To avoid inconveniences kindly fix your appointments with the front desk personnel.
  2. In case you want to advance or postpone or even cancel your appointment please let us know at least a day in advance in order for us to help you make alternate arrangements according to your convenience.

  1. Abstaining from consuming alcohol/smoking at least 12 hours prior to evaluation is mandatory.
  2. A minimum of 8 hours fasting is required prior to any health check. Plain water can be consumed, but no hot or cold beverages, juices, etc should be taken.
  3. Kindly carry your medical records and medical accessories like spectacles and hearing aids if you use them before you come for your health check up.
  4. Treadmill test:
    • Men may be required to shave their chest before a treadmill test.
    • Kindly do not apply any cream, oil or powder on your chest when you come for your check up, especially if you are undergoing a treadmill test.
    • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and avoid unnecessary jewellery.
    • Wear comfortable footwear for the treadmill test.

  1. The payment for the health package should be made in advance.
  2. Kindly inform in advance if you want additional tests/investigations/ procedures/ consultations at request so that your appointment can be scheduled accordingly.
  3. Additional tests, procedures, consultations as requested will be charged separately over and above the package deal.
  4. Please provide any authorisation letter from your sponsoring body to avail services provided by your sponsoring organisation.

Health Plan Rates
ExecutiveRs.7000 /-
Add-On Packages
Cardiac packageDiabetic package
Rs.4300 /-Rs.2000 /-


If you have any queries we will be very happy to clear them for you. Don’t Hesitate to contact us today at Phone: 03862-242555