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Internship and Elective Programs in CIHSR


⚬ Description

We accept interns/electives in different departments. The applicants, if selected will work under the supervision of a senior consultant or supervisor of the concerned department. A copy of the application format, instructions to applicant can be downloaded from the website.

⚬ How to apply

Applications are invited for students from all recognized universities and colleges. The process will include

  • An application letter from their respective Institute Head.
  • A write up (in about 150 – 250 words) as to what the applicant wants to learn and achieve
  • Applicants should submit their phone number and valid email ID.

The selected applicant will be approached by our Administrative office.

⚬ Duration of the internship

The duration of the Interns depends upon the applicants. This can vary from a minimum of 2 weeks to 6 months or a year.

⚬ Completing the internship

Upon the completion of the internship, the students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the institute.

⚬ Accommodation

The applicants should arrange their own lodging and food during the entire period of internship.

⚬ Fees

The applicant will have to pay a fee of Rs. 1000/- per month in return for the experience received.

** There will be an additional payment security deposit of Rs. 5000/- which will be refunded after obtaining clearance at the end of the internship for certain departments only

⚬ ID card

A temporary ID card will be issued to the intern which shall be returned to the Administrative office after the internship is completed.

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