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Institutional Review Board (IRB)


The Institutional Review Board (Ethics and research committee) was set up in 2014 to over look all the research activities of the institute.
The IRB reviews all research proposals to ensure that all studies are scientifically and ethically sound. They also monitor approved programmes to foresee the compliance of the ethics during the period of the project/study.

Role of the IRB
  • Ensure a competent review of all ethical aspects of the project proposals received and execute the same free from any bias and influence that could affect their objectivity.
  • Review of research proposal prior to starting
  • Monitoring of process of study
Responsibilities of the IRB
  • To protect the dignity, rights and well being of the potential research participants.
  • To ensure that universal ethical values and international scientific standards are expressed in terms of local community values and customs
  • To assist in the development and the education of a research community responsive to local health care requirements
Members of the IRB (Ethics and research committee)
1 Dr. Samuel Wati Walling (NIT) Chairperson
2 Mr. Zhasa Vupru Member, Lawyer
3 Dr. Moa Imsong (DABA) Member, Church / theologian
4 Mr. Atsung (Chaplain-CIHSR) Member, Church/ theologian
5 Mr. Cho (OTS) Member, Lay
6 Fr. C P Anto (NGO) Member, Social scientist
7 Dr. Abraham Joseph (CMC) Clinician – Other institutes
8 Dr. Sao Tunyi (NPCDCS) Clinician – Other institutes
9 Mr. KG Gaikhonlungpou Basic Medical Science
10 Dr. Nounechutuo Miachieo Member – Secretary
1 Dr. Sedevi Angami Director, CIHSR
2 Dr. Clement Momin Medical Superintendent, CIHSR
3 Dr. Leishiwon Kumrah Consultant, CIHSR
4 Dr. Sulanthung Kikon Consultant, CIHSR
5 Dr. Christy Simpson Principal, CoN-CIHSR
6 Mrs. Emi Humtsoe Research Incharge CoN-CIHSR
7 Dr. Thambu David (External) CMC -Vellore
8 Dr. Rohan Michael Ramesh Member
9 Dr. Nounechutuo Miachieo Member- Secretary

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