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Surgical Oncology

Contact Phone:

  1. 03862-242555
General OPD Timing:

OT Days:


Surgical Oncology Department in CIHSR aim to provide comprehensive cancer management at an affordable cost. Surgery is one of the main treatments of cancer. If diagnosed early it might be the only treatment that a patient requires and most cancers are treatable if diagnosed at an early stage.
On OPD basis we see patient of all types of solid tumour ranging from Gastrointestinal, breast, extremities soft tissue tumour, skin malignancies, Gynaecological cancer and Urological cancer.
Cancer cannot be managed by a single team, so every week we have MDT (multi-disciplinary team) meeting along with Radiation oncologist, Pathologist, Palliative and other concerned departments, where we plan the management of patient as per standard protocol.
Before taking up the patient for surgery we pre-habilitate the patient in consultation with Physiotherapist and Dietitian, so that patients have smooth recovery following surgery.
We are equipped with state-of-the-art Modular OT and proper ICU facilities. Our Nurses in OT as well as in ward is well trained who takes good care of patients.
Our goal is to provide holistic cancer care that is affordable for all.

Services Offered:

  1. Gastro-intestinal surgeries- D2 total/sub-total gastrectomy, Oesophagostomy, Hemicolectomy, Total colectomy, Anterior resection, Abdomino perineal excision (APE), Extra-levator abdomini-perineal excision (ELAPE), small bowel tumor surgery
  2. Hepato-biliary surgery- Whipple’s surgery, pancreatic tumor surgery, Radical Cholecystectomy
  3. Breast surgery- mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, Breast conservation surgery, breast reduction, breast reconstruction with local flaps, ulcerated breast mass excision and flap cover
  4. Extremities tumor- extremities sarcoma excision and local flap cover, amputation
  5. Gynaecology- laparoscopic/open endometrial cancer surgery, cyto-reductive surgery for ovarian cancer, laparoscopic pelvic LN and retroperitoneal LN dissection. Radical hysterectomy, inguinal LN dissection, Vulvectomy
  6. Urological cancer- open/radical Radical nephrectomy, Penectomy, retropeitoneal LN dissection, radical cystectomy with ileal conduit, inguinal LN dissection, nephroureterectomy, adrenelectomy
  7. Skin cancer- skin cancer surgery with without flap cover
Special service

  1. Laparoscopic cancer surgery- GI, Gynaecology, Urology
  2. Breast reconstruction
  3. Cancer education

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