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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Contact Phone:

  1. 03862-242555
General OPD Timing:

Emergency Services


The Ear, Nose and Throat regions of the body have very delicate organs situated within its deep crevices. These are parts involved in important functions like smell, respiration, swallowing, taste, voice, speech, hearing and balance. They are also seats for potential diseases like various infections and more importantly cancer. Exposure to air and noise pollution and also to other carcinogens (tobacco, betel nut ,etc) makes these parts vulnerable to a variety of diseases.
The ENT department has well trained, motivated and experienced staff including 2 ENT Specialists and a speech therapist/audiologist to investigate and manage an array of conditions. It is also equipped with highly advanced equipments to aid in investigations and treatment. Apart from routine diagnostic ENT procedures/head and Neck Surgeries the department is also embarking into a Post Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program, Universal New Born Hearing Screening and Head & Neck Cancer Awareness.


  • Nasal Endoscopy (Adult and Paediatric)
  • Flexible Nasolaryngoscopy (Adult and Paediatric)
  • Direct Rigid Laryngoscopy
  • Radio frequency Surgery
  • OtoEndoscopy
  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Impedence Audiometry (Tympanometry)
  • Oto Acoustic Emission Testing (OAE)
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Audiometry (BERA)
  • Hearing Aid Trial
  • Hearing Aid Fitting (Analog &Digital: Behind the Ear, In-the-canal, RIC etc)
  • ENT surgeries (Wednesday and Friday)
  • 24×7 Emergency Consultation
Special Clinics

  • Dizziness and Vertigo Consultation
  • Speech, Language and Voice Clinic
  • Post Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Universal Newborn Hearing Screening.
Special Services

  • Auditory Brainstem Response Audiometry (ABR) – evaluates the electrical activity in the brain stem that happens when a person hears a sound.
  • Oto-acoustic emission testing (OAE) – a special hearing test that records the sounds that the ear produces. A tiny microphone and speaker are put into the ear canal for this test.
  • Universal Newborn Hearing screening– testing all newborns in the hospital to screen for presence of hearing defects.
  • Speech, Language and Voice Clinic: Deals with all kinds of speech and language disorders such as stammering, misarticulation, voice disorders, delay in speech and language, Neurological Speech and Language disorders etc.
  • Hearing Aid: Both analog and digital programmable hearing aids are available. Different models like Behind the Ear, In-the-Canal, Completely –in-the-canal, Receiver-in-the-Canal etc. are available at CIHSR
  • Endoscopy: Dedicated endoscopes to examine the nose and throat are available. These endoscopes are small and flexible which give optimum vision of structure of nose and throat.

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