Dr Sedevi Angami

Dr. Sedevi Angami


As we enter into the New Year, we face several uncertainties and turbulence in the country.

There is a sense of apprehension of what the future holds. Several issues daily confront us in the face at scales not seen before such as conflicts, climate change, agitations, natural calamities, pollution, street and school shootings, economic slowdown, dilution of traditional values and an information and technology explosion that we are not equipped or designed to handle.

This is a reality that we are likely to continue to live with. This reality is palpable with our natural senses and therefore as real as it can be.

We however know that there is a parallel reality being played out in the same time and space which is even more real in spiritual realms. As followers of the Lord Jesus, we have the privilege of being in the world and not of the world. We need to engage with the seen world with all vigour with our senses, intellect and physique since this is the created world, structured in meticulous detail by God. Parallel to this we also need to engage with the Lord and all His written word through His spirit with equal vigour and love, applying all our faculties to integrate both the seen and unseen realities.

It is only through the prizm or optic of God’s eyes that we can see the big picture and how things cohere together and make sense in this turbulent seemingly chaotic world. This will then cause us to hope and not despair, live freely and creatively above human restrictions and boundaries. Do not get tired or weary of persevering in doing good.

I wish all our staff a blessed, fruitful and meaningful New year ahead.


Sedevi Angami

Jan 2020