Dr Sedevi Angami

Dr. Sedevi Angami

Dear Friends

As we approach the end of yet another year, it always amazes me to review how God has blessed and sustained CIHSR despite our failures, frailties and blunders.

We continue to receive good staff joining us and contributing richly to the place. The radiotherapy centre is functioning well. Our Laboratory Sciences department has got not one but two very fine young and dynamic pathologists. We have just received a new E classroom from the central government which we can make use to videoconference with other centres as well as the periphery. We are increasing in our partnerships with several organizations local, regional, national and international. We have submitted our application for the NABH and enter into the final phases of preparation for the accreditation process. Our partners CMC Vellore, EHA and the state Government each continue to play their vital role of mentoring, governance, training and support. The academic programmes are doing well.

As we process the events that happen to us, we need to reflect on what makes us grow. Edward De Bono the well known lateral thinker states that you cannot rely only on information, skills and state of the art technology alone. In today’s connected and globalized world, all these can be easily acquired, given the opportunity, time or finances. These are nobody’s monopoly. What differentiates the truly successful from the rest is the values of the organization. What values do we consider important? Some of our stated values are Honesty, transparency, integrity, compassion for our staff and patients, focus on the poor. These are non-negotiables. To these we need to add the willingness to give and share our resources to all likeminded individuals and organizations. If these foundations remain strong we will have stability and our direction of growth will remain true.

May we remain true and humble before the Lord as He holds us by His hands and leads us into the next decade.

Sedevi Angami

October 2018