Dr Sedevi Angami

Dr. Sedevi Angami

As we embark on the 2nd decade of our existence at CIHSR, we look back and are grateful for the guidance, empowering and enabling that God has given to each one of us to have reached thus far.
We have received far more than we are worthy of. We have been blessed disproportionately beyond our inputs.
We have received good people into our midst, support from friends who came at their own expenses, knowledge that we did not know existed, facilities that were provided from unknown unexpected quarters, goodwill from folks despite our failings and imperfections, Governmental helps when we did not perform up to the mark, institutional support from EHA and CMC Vellore who themselves have phenomenal work pressures and several more than I can number.
We have been able to be financially viable within our own hospital income and able to pay salaries every month faithfully to our staff despite being amateurs in this field.
The Grace of God sustains and empowers us to be what we are. May we never be arrogant enough to boast of our good works. We are grateful to all the contributions of our staff and yet CIHSR has grown to be what it is despite our failings.
As we have received, we need to freely give. The ambulance service 104 comes from Mathew 10:4 “Freely you have received, Freely give” and therefore it is a free service without expecting anything in return.
May we be a source and channel of free movement of the blessings of God to our region and neighbors. We can give information, finances, knowledge, skills, time, contact resources and several more to our society. As we learn to give more, we will experience His working deep within our lives and His joy will fill us for the work at hand.

Sedevi Angami
May 2018