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Mental Health Clinic

Contact Phone:

  1. 03862-242555
General OPD Timing:

Kindly call the frontdesk for advance appointments


The Mental health clinic caters to the psychosocial wellbeing of patients of all ages. It reaffirms the holistic approach of the institution in providing support and care to those going through difficult situations in their lives.

The Scope of Services

Assessment, diagnosis and psychotherapeutic management of mental health disorders

  1. Child and adolescent mental health disorders
  2. Adult and geriatric mental health disorders
  3. Behaviour medicine and health psychology
  4. Psychometric services include:
    1. Psychodiagnostic assessment
    2. Personality assessment
    3. Neuropsychological assessment
    4. Aptitude tests for career guidance
  5. Management:
    1. Counselling and psychotherapy
    2. Family therapy
    3. Therapy for sexual disorders
    4. Cognitive rehabilitation
    5. De-addiction therapy
    6. Group therapy
Special Services

The Counseling Department conducts ongoing communication classes for the staff of CIHSR. These classes are aimed at improving the communication skills of the staff, both with their colleagues and the patients.

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