14.1. All clinical employee are required to wear appropriate uniforms prescribed by the authority while on duty. The following categories of employees are required to wear uniform while on duty -
i.      Doctors.
ii.     Nursing employee
iii.    Allied health employees (Allied health employees (Clinical & Para-clinical)
iv.    Billing and front desk employee
v.     Hospital assistants
vi.    Artisans
vii.   College of Nursing
viii.  Housekeepers, maintenance & security staff

14.2. All other employee while on duty are required to wear formal and presentable dress. Employee comfort is the main priority, as long as the employees still look professional and are dressed appropriately for the workplace.
i)      No shorts
ii)     No bathroom slippers (except in restricted/prescribed areas)
iii)    No revealing dresses
iv)    No tattered/ripped denims
v)     Full shrouds

14.3.Use of Equipment & Facilities
14.3.1.    Employee shall take reasonable care to maintain facilities and equipment in good working condition and keep the premises of the Institute clean and tidy.
14.3.2.    Telephone, internet and such other facilities provided may be used only for official purposes.
14.3.3.    Any breakage, damage or deterioration of such equipment or facilities must be notified immediately to the administrative department.

14.4.Telephone & Internet Use
14.4.1.    CIHSR’S telecommunication facilities are intended for use of serving patients and others related works.
14.4.2.    Personal usage of phone during working hours is discouraged except for extreme emergencies. All personal telephone calls should be kept brief to avoid congestion on the telephone line. To respect the rights of all Employees and avoid miscommunication in the office, Employees must inform family members and friends to limit personal telephone calls during working hours. Use of phone (like playing games) must not interfere with an Employee's productivity. If an Employee is found to be deviating from this policy, he/she will be liable to disciplinary action.
14.4.3.    Employees are allowed use of the Internet, e-mail and other social media of CIHSR for the performance of it’s functions within the overall objectives of the organization.
14.4.4.    Use of the Internet must not disrupt operation nor interfere with any productive work. Employees are responsible for using the Internet & Social Media (like facebook, Instagram, whatsapp & the like) in a manner that is ethical and lawful. Internet messages are public and not private. CIHSR reserves the right to access and monitor all files and messages on its systems.
14.4.5.    Employees are not allowed to use CIHSR’s computer system to download or install illegal or unauthorized programs, software or data.  In case it is found that any illegal software has been downloaded in any system, the person operating the particular computer will be held responsible and appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her.

14.5.Gifts (In Cash or Kind as fixed by the Administrative Committee)
14.5.1.    Accepting gift or favor either in cash or in kind, in return for the service rendered in the course of discharge of one’s own duty is strictly prohibited. Anybody found violating the above mentioned prohibition will attract disciplinary proceedings on the same footing as an act of corruption.
14.6.Smoking, Alcohol or Drug Abuse.
14.6.1.    Smoking, drinking alcohol, drug, tobacco and substance abuse while on duty is strictly prohibited and may invite immediate disciplinary action.
14.6.2.    Additionally, ay report of alcohol , drug and substance abuse by any employee whether on duty or off-duty shall invite disciplinary action.

14.7. Sleeping on duty.
14.7.1.    Sleeping while on duty, except during the rest period, is viewed with utmost seriousness as this may pose serious risk, especially to patients in the employee member’s care. Care should be taken by employee to ensure that they are alert and vigilant during their duty hours, be it during the day or on night shift.
14.7.2.    Disciplinary action is liable to be initiated against employee who are found breaching this clause.

14.8.Representation of CIHSR
14.8.1.    Employee are prohibited from making any statements or comments to the media or general public about the state of affairs of CIHSR or any other issue of relevance to, without the written consent of the Director.
14.8.2.    Employee may not, without the written authorization of the Director, represent or claim to represent the institute and make any statements or comments on behalf of CIHSR to any person in the general public or media.
14.8.3.    Employee shall at all times endeavor to represent a positive image of CIHSR and shall refrain from behaving or performing any action, whether intentionally or otherwise, which may harm the reputation of the institute.

14.1.Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Rights
14.1.1.    During employment at CIHSR and in the course of discharge of duties, employee may come to possess information (written or unwritten) ideas, concepts, data, trade secrets and other proprietary and confidential information which are owned by the institute and which are used in and pertaining to the CIHSR’s operations, processes and plans (“Confidential Information” hereinafter).
14.1.2.    All such Confidential Information shall be held by the employee in strict confidence and shall not be divulged to any person during service with CIHSR or thereafter. Further, the employee shall not communicate, or attempt to communicate, to the public, media bodies, journals, academic institutions etc. or cause to disclose at any time, any information or documents, official or otherwise relating to the institute, including Confidential Information except with the prior written approval of the Director.
14.1.3.    Any product development, process, discovery, plan, specification, program, design, adaptation or improvement in procedure or other matters of work which can be the subject matter of protection granted to any intellectual property rights (including but not limited to patents, designs and copyrights), made, developed or discovered by any employee singly or jointly with any other person or persons while in the employment of the CIHSR, in connection with or in any way affecting or relating to the functioning of the institute or capable of being used or adapted for use therein or in connection therewith shall forthwith be disclosed to the institute and shall belong to and be the absolute property of the institute. Employees shall provide all necessary assistance required to perfect assignment of the rights set out in this provision.

14.10. Full Time Attention and Non-Competition
14.10.1.  All the employee of CIHSR, excluding the part time employee and volunteers, are expected to devote their full time attention and efforts to the institute. CIHSR strongly disapproves of any employee directly or indirectly engaging himself/herself in or devoting any time or attention to any part-time employment or business or monetary position other than that of the institute.
14.10.2.  In specific cases, e.g. writing for a magazine / journal, speaking at various forums related to the institution, explicit permission from the Director has to be taken prior to the employee engaging in such activity.
14.10.3.  Any breach of this conditions is liable to attract disciplinary action including termination.
14.10.4.  Employee shall not engage in any activity, during the course of appointment at CIHSR, which may be in conflict with or may hinder the business or operations of the institute during working hours.
14.10.5.  Doctor and clinical employee are not allowed private practice outside the hospital.
14.10.6.  Employee shall not directly or indirectly solicit or entice away potential or existing patients, partners, fellow employees of the institute or existing or potential projects and assignments of the institute to themselves or to any third party or entity or execute such projects themselves or in collaboration with any third parties.