To develop Christ centered leadership in healthcare, transforming communities through compassion, innovation and excellence.


• Healthcare – To develop a center of excellence at all levels of healthcare.

• Education – To develop undergraduate, postgraduate and innovative medical teaching programs with a view to train and empower healthcare personnel in northeast India.

• Leadership – To develop our staff and medical leaders to the highest potential that God has created them to be; and harness their talents and gifts in order to significantly impact the region and beyond.

• Community – To develop a vibrant community that cares and supports each other, thereby reflecting the nature and character of Christ to the society around. To encourage this community to proactively engage with the neighboring communities and society in order to bring holistic transformation.

• Network – To provide a focal point for a network of hospitals and likeminded organizations in the Northeast so as to make an impact on health in the whole of the region.


1. Honesty, transparency and Integrity

2. Compassion for our patients and staff

3. To be a vibrant and supportive Fellowship

4. Focus on the poor and marginalized

5. Inter denominational, inter-tribal and multiracial inclusiveness