Dr Sedevi Angami

Dr. Sedevi Angami

Dear friends

I am delighted to present to you our new website. It is the culmination of several months of hard work from a core team and contributions from all our staff. I thank the team of dedicated staff facilitated by Dr. Rohan and Rabenthung for their work of love and bringing it to this stage. Thank you Wabang and Joseph for your masterly creation, Atsen Murry for the very professional photographs that make us look better than what we actually are; and Jied for the months of shooting for the video that has led to a very fine film that will remain long after we are gone.
I trust that this website will accurately describe us as an institution and the values that we stand for as we strive to follow our Lord Jesus in His life, works and teachings.
Through this website, I hope we will be able to communicate better to our patients, friends and supporters who look to us to fulfill the aspirations of an institution that can bring hope to a troubled and despairing region not just in health; but also as a demonstration of what God can do if we allow Him to use our feeble and frail bodies in humble submission to His mighty and majestic call.


Sedevi Angami